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 Recare connects over 110 hospitals with more than 9,000 aftercare providers


Having set off in Germany, we are now preparing for England! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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Our Mission

Recare is a web-based, digital platform that facilitates an effective patient transfer from hospital to care providers.

Our smart search tool sends targeted requests to potential providers and enables real-time, secure communication between both sides.

The process is faster and more transparent for all - hospital staff, care providers, and patients.


How Recare works



The hospital staff creates an pseudonymised patient record and chooses the most appropriate type of care facilities for the patient.



relevant care homes targeted

Once the search is started, our algorithm contacts the facilities that are most likely to accept the patient.



Real-time communication

Our encrypted messaging system allows users to send messages and documents to successfully finalise patient transfer.



PATIENT transfer

After consultation with the patient and the family, the care provider facility is selected and the patient can progress from the hospital.


Benefits of using Recare

One of the main advantages of using Recare is the possibility to swiftly refer patients to the post-hospitalisation facilities, significantly reducing any manual and repetitive work for the hospital staff. We consider it important to emphasise that we take pride in our efforts to stay competitively neutral at all times, therefore ensuring the highest possible transfer quality.

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Our vision

Recare’s paramount goal is to enable a seamless patient journey by providing digital and sustainable support to the healthcare industry.

The journey relies on communication of all involved stakeholders. Our current service connects hospitals, doctors, nursing services, and nursing homes. In the future, we will also integrate rehabilitation clinics, medical supply stores, and many more.

We are dedicated to optimising all aspects of this process.


Learn more about Recare

Watch Maximilian Greschke (CEO) presenting our solution at conhIT 2018 and at the 16th edition of the DRG Forum, where more than 1,000 hospital managers chose Recare one of the best digital innovations in the healthcare industry.

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Written about us

Read more about Recare in selected press releases and specialised publications.

Who works here

Recare was founded in 2017 and consists of a dynamic team based in Berlin.

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