Benefits for Hospitals

Hospitals that use Recare get access to a broad network of aftercare providers which improves the organisation of post-hospitalisation care for their patients. To ensure that a wide variety of patient needs can be taken care of, we are continuously connecting with new facilities in different areas. A request is typically accepted in only 3.5 hours (taking into account the most complex cases) and it only takes us 6 - 8 weeks to onboard providers in a new area!

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No installation necessary

Recare does not require any installation on your HIS. It can be used on any computer connected to the Internet and supports browsers such as, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, and Firefox.

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Transparent tracking

You can track every step of the search at all times. Every detail of the process is accessible and documented with no additional work required.


reduced length of stay

As transfer processes with Recare become more efficient, the after care is typically received sooner. This allows for the patient’s hospital stay to be significantly shorter.


Secure communication

Recare facilitates direct communication with the providers. You can securely send messages and documents thanks to our real-time encrypted messaging system which complies with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR).


workload RELIEF for hospital staff

With our automatic search and real-time messaging system, hospital staff no longer have to spend hours on the phone, searching for suitable providers. This reduces time wasting and supports prioritising patient care.

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Due to its friendly and intuitive interface, the most commented aspect of Recare is its ease of use. However, we also provide a short workshop on how to use it most efficiently to allow anyone and everyone to easily access our services.

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machine learning ALGORITHM

Recare learns with each new transfer. Based on the patient's profile, the algorithm continuously estimates and adjusts the probability for a provider to accept a request.

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growing NETWORK

In the regions where we are present, more than 90% of the post-hospitalisation facilities are active on our platform. Our network grows larger with every week!



Would like to know more?

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our product or registration on our platform.