Γ„rzte Zeitung online, 11/2018

The fast wire to Nursing and Co

Via a digital discharge platform, hospitals can organise the transfer management almost at the push of a button

The Berlin-based startup Recare has developed a digital solution that enables hospitals to make their discharge management more efficient. Recare's digital platform provides social services and case managers in hospitals with a quick overview of who has free capacity for outpatient care before discharge. (translated from German)

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Wohlfahrt Intern, 11/2018 (Ausgabe 11)

Patients easier to transfer

The demographic change and the resulting increase in the average age of patients also increases the reconciliation effort: there are an increasing number of patients with care or geriatric care needs. In hospitals, there are highly individual processes in the transitional area. Sometimes social services take over most of their duties, but there are often other structures such as case management, nursing discharge management or discharge coordinators. (translated from German)

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Praxisberichte zu aktuellen Fragen des Krankenhausmanagements 2018, 10/2018

Digital marketplace for reconciliations

Recare: Better retention time control through stable, digital processes

Since October 1, 2017, the master agreement discharge management for the hospitals is binding. The clinics must guarantee a seamless transition of patients to the following care areas. However, a functioning discharge management is not only central to clinics due to the now stricter requirements. The demographic change and the resulting increase in patient age also increase the effort independently: there are more patients with nursing or geriatric care needs and thus more work in the transitional area. (translated from German)

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KU Gesundheitsmanagement.png

KU Gesundheitsmanagement, 07/2018

How digitisation is changing transition management

Case Study: Better retention time control through stable digital transition processes

Digital transfer processes in the nursing sector are already significantly more reliable than manual predecessors. With increasing transfers and further pressure on capacity and length of stay, this benefit becomes even clearer. Clinic managers can assume that digital reconciliation in all areas of discharge management, ie in addition to nursing, rehabilitation and aids, will be widely available and efficient in future. (translated from German)

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Γ„rzte Zeitung online, 04/2018

DGIM congress honors digital discharge management

The Berlin start-up Recare has won the lateral thinker award of the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM). The company scored with software designed to improve discharge management and was recently honored at the 124th Internists Congress in Wiesbaden. (translated from German)

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VKBI online, 04/2018

Put in good hands

The start-up Recare optimizes the aftercare of hospital patients

No one gets bloodied in Germany. The right time to discharge and, above all, continued care is a time-consuming and expensive process for hospitals. This is exactly where the young Berlin start-up Recare comes in. (translated from German)

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2.png, 05/2018

Better networking between clinic and follow-up care excellent

The Berlin start-up Recare has won the lateral thinker award of the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM), which met in Mannheim in April. The solution promises hospitals to create much-needed savings potential. (translated from German)

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Informationsdienst Wissenschaft online, 04/2018

DGIM awards lateral thinker prize to Recare

Around 500 million euros are spent annually by hospitals on care-related delays in patient discharge in Germany. Last but not least, this means that every fourth to fifth hospital is expected to be threatened with bankruptcy by 2020. The young start-up company recare digitizes and optimizes hospital discharge management so that patients are quickly and easily transferred from inpatient to outpatient care. Hospitals as well as care and rehabilitation service providers are linked by a better flow of information and relieved both financially and personally. (translated from German)

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Bibliomed Medizinische Verlagss...png

Bibliomed Manager online, 02/2018

Finally fax less

Organising discharge management is a major challenge for clinics. The Berlin start-up company Recare brings together all the important players. (translated from German)

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Careum online, 02/2018

Digital - Ambulatory - Participatory

Care is an important interpersonal relationship that can be supported by digitization, but can never be completely replaced. A first conclusion from the Careum Dialog 2018

Digitization influences our everyday lives: shopping, listening to music or transferring money - we're already doing everything online today. Digitalisation is also becoming increasingly important in health care. However, developments in this area lag behind somewhat. Reason enough to shed light on the spread of "connecting technologies" in outpatient and home care from different perspectives on Careum Dialog 2018. (translated from German)

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Entscheiderfabrik online, 02/2017

Award Start Ups

Since its foundation in 2006, ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK has dedicated itself to the benefits of IT solutions for business processes in hospitals and other health care facilities. Innovation, sustainability and communication between management and IT, dialogue between service providers, solution providers and consulting companies are the main objectives. From this tradition, VuiG e.V., as one of the founding associations of the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK, has taken the initiative to facilitate access to the successful concept of the ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK for innovative StartUp companies. (translated from German)

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